Full-Day Workshop in London

💮Next workshop in London💮

I am very excited to inform you about the next workshop in London 2020. This is a special full-day workshop takes place at the art studio in Bethnal Green. One can sign up for a full-day workshop or one of the workshops. See the link and info below.

•Program 1 : SUMIE ink painting / 11.30-14.30
•Program 2 : SHODO calligraphy / 15.30-18.30
(Pro workshop £58 / Full-Day £105 /*Student concession available)

All levels are welcome!
Happy Practice!

4月17日にBethnal Greenのスタジオで一日ワークショップをします。両方でも一つのワークショップだけでも申し込み可能です。



Image 03.12.19 at 15.39

A full day of creative and meditative workshops with Rie Takeda

• SUMIE Ink Painting Workshop from 11.30 to 14.30 
• SHODO Calligraphy Workshop from 15.30 to 18.30

Next date : Friday, 17. April 2020 in Bethnal Green, London


Learning mindfulness and creative reflection through Japanese calligraphy and ink painting. This special full-day workshop takes place in the art studio in Bethnal Green, London. One can sign up and book for a full-day workshop or one of the workshops.

Experience in Japanese calligraphy or ink painting, art skills are not necessary. Each participant from beginner to advanced level as well as professionally interested are welcome to discover and experience the essence of Shodo the art of Japanese calligraphy and the art of ink painting.


The Participants can learn to focus on bringing the balance of mind and body together as well as one’s individual mindfulness process by special designed practices. So students can learn little by little how to concentrate on their own Qi-energy flow, conduct and apply it with brush and ink onto paper. Very meditative and self-reflecting process. A full day of mindfulness art workshops. 

 Teacher: Rie Takeda 

 Date: Friday, 17. April 2020

 Place: 249 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 0EL, United Kingdom * see the map below

 Full-Day Workshop : 11:30 to 18:30 (with tea breaks) 

     Program 1. Sumie Ink Painting / 11.30-14.30 Info

     Program 2. Shodo Calligraphy / 15.30-18.30 Info

 Fee: £105,- (With Student Card: £100,-) for a full-day

     If you book one of them / Fee: £58,- (With Student Card: £52,-) pro Workshop

 Utensils, Materials and Texts: all inclusive and prepared

 Maximal: 15 Personen

 Level: all levels-Beginner to Advanced level and Professionally interested

 Language: English ( Japanese/German also possible ) 

 Please sign up and book your place here with Eventbrite/Full-Day-SHODO+SUMIE

Or make a full payment via Paypal ( rie@takeda-art.com )

(!After the payment is done, the registration is confirmed, you will get a confirmation mail)

 More info : Shodo Workshop in London

 Rie Takeda’s original Mindfulness-Method and her concept of teaching SHODO calligraphy is focused on :

  • mind and body connection
  • discovering individual inner quality and peace
  • “hands-on” guidance
  • inner balance
  • “Here and Now” momentum flow
  • mindfulness process
  • de-stressing the body tension
  • conscious breathing
  • raising Qi(energy) flow and awareness



⭕️Message for my London/U.K.based students and Master class students, please bring your SEISHO pieces and latest technical practices with you. So I can check the current stages and suggest the new inputs, Thanks!

New dates in London for summer, autumn, winter 2020 will be updated soon, thank you!    

Happy Practice!




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