“SHO” is Peace
Calligraphy is to lead you to peace and harmony

Welcome to School of SHODO!

書は 和なり – SHO wa Wa nari “ (an old Japanese proverb above)
This is always my principal motto for learning and teaching SHODO,
the way of Japanese calligraphy.
It was the essence which kept me doing Shodo,
and fascinated me all the way and still does now.Even as a 5 year old child, I felt amazingly transparent and harmonious
yet free each time I was doing calligraphy, no matter which state of mind I was. And then I found out that the more I concentrated,
the better the brush flowed, and I became more peaceful.
This is for me the most sensational aspect of SHODO learning.
I try to bring across this essence to every student of mine and at every session remind them of it.

Nowadays we tend to see only the results or the pure technical elevation and materialistic rewards.
However – every process and stage of learning Shodo is to be your treasure and a sense of deep peace in you is much more valuable.

It’s been already more than 30+ years since I got familiar with brush and ink and attached to SHODO.
The more I get to know about SHODO, the deeper attraction I find in the world of calligraphy.

I feel grateful that I do spend my time and energy in the world of SHO which has such a rich and long history giving endless possibilities to discover peace and harmony in myself and outside the world.

I would like to show the essential ways of enjoying and learning the SHODO
which I have studied and developed from my experience as a calligraphy teacher and as an artist over the years.

And I really wish that the harmonious circle of people who enjoy the richness of SHODO expand more and more- both in Japan and all over the world.

Have a moment of inner peace with a cup of tea!


Rie Takeda

 See the web site :


©RIE  TAKEDA school of shodo

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