SHODO // Utensils and material list

For UK / Europe based SHODO learners: Course and workshop
I will be adding more info for US based; Australia based….

○Here I list the basic items, you can of course use your current utensils.

I picked the classic items which are standard for Shodo learners and I use for my courses and workshops. I add the alternative options as extra info.

The essential utensils are Ink stone (natural stone preferably not ceramic one),
Ink stick, (+ preferably liquid ink), a brush, paper. I know – not everyone has got all utensils from the beginning. You can first get the essentials and then slowly prepare the rest during the learning process.

【Shodo Utensils】


-Ink sticks (Sumi)

+Liquid ink (Bokuju)

-Ink stones (Suzuri)

-Brushes (Fude)

-Calligraphy paper (Hanshi)


-Paperweight (Bunchin)

-Brush holders (Fude oki)

-Waterwell (Mizusashi)

-Tray (Obon)

-Desk pad (Shitajiki)

【Video: Shodo Utensils】
My original video about utensils and materials-classic and alternative ways.

I share insider tips and info. Please have a look.

○I list some links here. You can look around and find the suitable one from the options.

Please also try your local art suppliers or Japanese (book) shops/ Asia shops.
Like this one below.

JP books London


*one can get the basics here

Ink stick, ink stone(unfortunately no more natural stone, only ceramic), paperweight, brushes

MIYABI Origami Europe
*This is at the moment the best possible online shop when it comes to Shodo items in Europe.

Jackson art, London, UK