SHODO // Utensils and material list

BUNBOUSHIHOU / four treasure of the study ©RIE TAKEDA

Share the information when you’ve purchased your materials and utensils in your area.

I know it is not easy to find good quality utensils and materials both in shops and online especially if you live outside Japan.

I’d like you to share the information on where you’ve purchased the Shodo items in your country/area.

It would be a very useful data-platform for the global Shodo community.

For UK / Europe based SHODO learners: Course and workshop
I will be adding more info for other countries and regions. Please share the info in the comment section below!

○Here I list the basic items, you can of course use your current utensils.

I picked the classic items which are standard for Shodo learners and I use for my courses and workshops. I add the alternative options as extra info.

The essential utensils are Ink stone (natural stone preferably not ceramic one),
Ink stick, (+ preferably liquid ink), a brush, paper. I know – not everyone has got all utensils from the beginning. You can first get the essentials and then slowly prepare the rest during the learning process.

【Shodo Utensils】


-Ink sticks (Sumi)

+Liquid ink (Bokuju)

-Ink stones (Suzuri)

-Brushes (Fude)

-Calligraphy paper (Hanshi)


-Paperweight (Bunchin)

-Brush holders (Fude oki)

-Waterwell (Mizusashi)

-Tray (Obon)

-Desk pad (Shitajiki)

【Video: Shodo Utensils】
My original video about utensils and materials-classic and alternative ways.

I share insider tips and info. Please have a look.

○I list some links here. You can look around and find the suitable one from the options.

Please also try your local art suppliers or Japanese (book) shops/ Asia shops.
Like this one below.

HIRANO BUNMEIDO, JAPAN based – does worldwide shipping (updated Dec.2020, please check)

JP books London


*one can get the basics here

Ink stick, ink stone(unfortunately no more natural stone, only ceramic), paperweight, brushes

MIYABI Origami Europe
*This is at the moment the best possible online shop when it comes to Shodo items in Europe.

Jackson art, London, UK

Japan House London (currently by visit)

Japanese shop

Gerstaecker / Switzerland, Germany France)

Comptoir des ecritures, France

Haiku Barcelona, Spain


Argentina based for Shodo/Sumie
Julieta Jiterman

Arcoarte, Mexico

Casa Serra, Mexico


Boesner Europe (Gemany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, France)

(*Paper rolls and ink)

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