Online-Live / Workshop with theme

With original mindfulness based method

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: Themed workshops 
We learn and practise the themed word in two calligraphy styles

Sunday : 15.00 -17.00 (GMT/UK time)

21. February / KINTSUGI 金継ぎ Golden repair 

14. March / YOZAKURA 夜桜 Night Cherry Blossom

02. May  / SHICHI-TEN-HA-KKI 七転八起  Seven tumbles, eight stand ups 

13. June  / IKIGAI 生き甲斐 the sparks of life

11. July / BOKUGYU 牧牛 The taming of the ox (zen)

Since last winter 2019, I started giving private online live lessons only for long distance learners. However during the spring and summer time 2020, I’ve got many requests to give online-live-sessions and courses.
So I finally completed the ‘Shodo-online’ program which I am quite pleased with and began to teach the art of Shodo online ‘live’ and ‘interactive’ – of course with my mindfulness-based-method. To my surprise, this mindfulness way has been positively working and supporting the global calligraphy community this year, much more than I expected!

The themed workshop are suitable for people who attended my beginner’s intensive workshop/private sessions or who are in the Shodo course, who has practised Shodo before. We will learn and practise themed word in at least two calligraphy styles ( Kaisho/block and Gyosho/semi-cursive styles) and its background, so that you will have a clear mindfulness input during the workshop and at the final stage. If you are not certain about your foundational techniques, you could also practise only Kaisho.
​No stress!

SHODO Workshop for all level : Live and interactive
Connect your body and mind, experience your inner calmness

○Date : Sunday 21. February 2021
○Time : Sunday 15.00-17.00 (UTC+0/UK time) with a tea break
○Fee : £38 / € 38 / $43

○Platform : Live Zoom / Interactive workshop
○Number of participants : limited only / Max. 7

○This workshop includes : 
・My original Shodo Templates
-mindfulness-based basic brush movements
-themed exercise template

・Correction and feedback
・Individual name and stamp templates
・Access to the recording 
・Access to the limited videos
○You can see the package example below⬇️
○Utensils & materials : you will get the list with info and the video links prior to the session, please prepare the basics by yourself. *The basics are : a brush, ink stone (preferably natural stone), ink stick, ink liquid, paper.
You can see the image below.⬇️
I’ll be showing and teaching with my tree-camera-set up. 1st screen for the body posture and communication/ 2nd screen for the over head / whole composition / 3rd camera for the close-up/ detailed brush movement
Check your time zone here : What time is it in my zone
After attending the beginner’s workshop, you could move on to themed workshops or continuous course.

Further dates in 2021 ; Themed Workshops
Sunday : 15.00 -17.00 (GMT/UK time) 
We learn and practise the themed word in two calligraphy styles ( sometimes three styles)
21. February / KINTSUGI : Golden repair
14. March / YOZAKURA : Night Cherry Blossom     
02. May  / SHICHI-TEN-HA-KKI : Seven tumbles, eight stand ups 
13. June  / IKIGAI : The sparks of life
11. July / BOKUGYU : The taming of the ox (zen)
Summer break

☑️To pay directly with PayPal, please fill out the booking form the link with your PayPal address and name, you will receive a payment request with 24 hours.​⬇️I will be showing and teaching you with three cameras like these images below.

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Happy Practice!