Custom & Commissioned Works

Over the years both in Japan and Europe, I have been doing a lot of commissioned calligraphy works for personal and commercial purposes.
They are all unique single pieces of art works.As I am a passionate Neo-Japonism creator as well as a trained calligrapher, I always bring a special artistic touch to each work. Clients can choose from calligraphy styles, different characters and various types from traditional to modern.

  • Calligraphy lettering & Logo design
  • Meimeisho Name-Calligraphy
  • Original calligraphy works for private and commercial requests
  • Calligraphy design for products, books/CDs and leaflets
  • Object calligraphy for raw material – wood, glass and fabrics
  • Deco calligraphy for events, parties and shop windows
  • Stamp design
  • Tattoo calligraphy
  • Body-Art for Photo sessions, theatre, dance, performance

Here you can see some examples below:



 Body Art


Daniel Photo by Raphael Rapitor
Mirai photo by Raphael Rapitor

 More information, please visit my site
©RIE  TAKEDA school of shodo

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