Mindfulness Whispers

I’d like to share the Mindfulness Whispers” with you.
Please check those elements and tips if you are interested.
They are effective points for Shodo leaners which makes you more calm and helps you to become more mindful.

Mindfulness Whispers

Checklist for mindfulness elements and tips

  • Are you under the time pressure?
  • Are your hands and fingers clean?
  • Is your mobile phone/electric device switched off?
  • Have you got an uncluttered table?
  • Are the Shodo utensils and materials set?
  • Are you wearing the comfortable clothing?
  • Check your body and mind condition
  • Have you prepared some newspapers, a jar of water and a cloth?
  • Make a nice cup of tea (or some beverage)
  • Put an incense ( or your favourite one)
  • Some candles
  • Meditation bell
  • Nice soft lighting
  • Make yourself warm and comfortable
  • Do meditation if it calms you down before
  • Do some stretching if it relaxes you
  • Ideally‚ no sound environment ‘is ideal
  • Better not to wear watch or big rings

Mindfulness stones

I use the bowl of gemstones to stimulate a sensory feel for children and also for adults.
Specially it can be a good reminder to be mindful between the calligraphy lessons. It does not have to be gemstones –you can pick up some nice stones from nature and use them as mindfulness stones. As you touch them, please close your eyes and pay attention to your fingertips and feel the surface.

Box of gemstones

Be mindful.