Demonstration & Performance

Presenting the world of calligraphy

“I have been giving Shodo demonstrations and performances in many styles and on various occasions. It has always been a pleasure for me to display the beauty of calligraphy and to share the momentum of this art form with diverse audiences.”

“Seeing” the process of this art is the best way for an audience to understand and to appreciate the beauty of Shodo. Experiencing the total stillness, pure concentration and the fine flow of the brush movement is very special. One does not experience such moments in our modern life. This jewel of the moment is unforgettable and incomparable.

Like calligraphy workshops, it can be for unique and “one off” occasions like – for example:

  • Companies – celebrations, events for employees and customers, fairs
  • Cultural & Art events
  • Exhibitions, conventions
  • Museums, galleries, theatre, art performances

My very original and popular calligraphy showcase is called “Name-Shodo“.
I present and do calligraphy a client’s or their family’s name in Japanese in presence of the person.
It allows people to experience the fine quality of the brush movement and the deep momentum of calligraphy. Seeing the process of your name being calligraphy-ed in front of you is very special and you can take this original piece of art with you. Every name-calligraphy piece is unique and exists only once in the world.

The demonstration can therefore be accompanied with a Shodo calligraphy exhibition / calligraphy display and also can be combined with other exhibitions.
See more photos on Demonstration & Projects

Concepts for demonstrations/workshops can be individually designed according to request.
For more details and questions, please write me from the contact form.




©RIE  TAKEDA school of shodo


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