For left handed learners

I’ve taught many left handed students from small children to adult.

What I find fascinating is that many left handed learners could do Shodo by both hands! So amazing!
Even some of them who was naturally left handed but switched to the right hand as they started to write at the age of 5-6, they could calligraphy very well with the left and also right.
Calligraphy-ing is not like writing nor painting or drawing – it has surely both elements and goes beyond these body inputs.

Also I found out that my basic brush movement with the circle practice in clockwise should be redone for left handed learners. Because the left handed learners feel much lighter and more natural with the anti-clockwise direction.
I share the template image with you below.
You can give it a try!

As I mentioned before in another post/page, you can happily place your utensil set up on your left hand side.
Place the template on your right hand side. (see the pic above)

Me as a total right handed person, I could barely calligraphy’ with my left!
However I often rub the ink with the left hand just to balance up my inner body movement.
And i believe that stimulates my right brain too!!



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