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My Shodo Projects and Offers
Authentic and Creative

I have worked with various projects and given many types of workshops in the last 15 years in Japan, Britain, France, Switzerland and Germany. Through my experience with many different generations, backgrounds and broad occasions, I bring the best accomplished quality and presentation in workshops.

I also give workshops for unique and “one off” occasions like – for example:

  • Companies – celebrations, events for employees and customers, fairs
  • Cultural & Art events – Japan Day, Asian day, Manga, Animation,
  • Music, Marshall arts, Cosplay …
  • Exhibitions, conventions – Art & Design, Zen Buddhism, Meditation,
  • Wellness, Pain therapy
  • Museums, Galleries, Art schools/colleges, institutions, kindergarden and schools – also for educators and teachers
  • Praxis, clinics, Professionals – Mindful practice and training, stress release
  • Meditation (rather focus on expression of moments)
  • Creative theme (making own cards, writing poems, own calligraphy works)

The demonstration can therefore be accompanied with a Shodo calligraphy exhibition / calligraphy display and also can be combined with other exhibitions.
The theme and style of the workshops can be fitted for your request and wish.
Sumie- ink painting workshop can be also offered on request.

         Other services:
  • Deco calligraphy for events, parties and shop windows
  • Performances, demonstrations
  • Theme-exhibitions, collaborated exhibitions
  • Calligraphy design for products, books/CDs and leaflets
  • Object calligraphy for raw material – wood, glass and fabrics
  • Tatoo calligraphy of your wish
  • Body-Art for Photo session, theatre, dance, performance.
    See more on Custom and Demonstration pages.

If you would like to ask more details, please write to:

See more on the Website:


©RIE  TAKEDA school of shodo

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