SHODO Calligraphy Workshops 2019




Sundays : 13:00~16:00

20.01 / 17.02 / 10.03 / 07.04 / 19.05 / 30.06 / 21.07 2019

~ summer break till September~

*Further dates will be updated as soon as they are confirmed.

Please see more information from the link below and check the availability.

Workshops in Freiburg, Germany 2019

*Bad Seackingen

Sundays : 14.00~16:00

25.03 / 08.04 / 13.05 / 10.06 / 08.07

~summer break~

28.10 / 25.11 


Info :

Experience in Japanese calligraphy is not necessary. Each participant for the beginners to advanced level can discover and experience the essence of Shodo the art of Japanese calligraphy.

The Participants can learn to focuses on bringing the balance of mind and body together as well as a one’s individual mindfulness process by specially designed practices. So students can learn little by little how to concentrate on their own Qi flow, conduct and apply it with brush and ink onto the paper.

♧ Rie Takeda’s calligraphy Web :

♧ Rie Takeda’s concept of teaching SHODO calligraphy is focused on:

  • mind and body connection
  • discovering individual inner quality and peace
  • “hands-on” guidance
  • inner balance
  • “Here and Now” momentum flow
  • mindfulness process
  • de-stressing the body tension
  • conscious breathing
  • raising Qi(energy) flow and awareness

* Sign up here :


©RIE TAKEDA school of shodo

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