About Mushin 無心

MUSHIN 無心 is the Zen word written with two kanji characters,

無 Mu is : emptiness, nothingness.

心 Shin is : heart, mind, feeling, intuition, sould, spirit, centre. 

Mushin is the clear mind / void heart that is free from disturbance and thoughts.

In order to sense MUSHIN, we need to relax as much as we can.

We can focus on our breathing and let our body-tension go little by little.

And then we can slowly become aware of our senses and pay attention to the fine sensorial feels.

It is like a meditation. 

Perhaps some of you do meditation or have tried before.
I don’t do the classic form of sitting meditation as such, however I do meditate while I do calligraphy every morning. This is my daily wellbeing ritual, it is the process of cleaning my inner filter and harmonising the body and mind and also I generate energy during my Shodo practice.

This is my calligraphy-meditation.

Why do I do it every day?
Because I feel clear, light and peaceful.
And the transformation and healing is very solid.

Yes, you can meditate with calligraphy.
Because calligraphy-ing in a proper mindful way can unite our body and mind to get a sense of Mushin mind and generate your energy every present moment.

And you can visibly see your every momentary energy flow on the paper so you could proceed the inner connection even clearer and deeper.