Ready for Tiger ?!

Hi everyone,
I hope you are healthy and had a good start of the year!
Are we ready for the Lunar New Year on the 1st. February?!
Are your tigers ready for 2022? Or – Already up and flowing?

I had a wonderful New Year’s Calligraphy Kakizome event on the 2nd January.
Thank you very much for joining me and celebrating together! It was such a great fun! Arigato.

Wooden Tiger sculpture
Tiger in Sanshotai 3 styles ©Rie Takeda

If you missed the Kakizome event, no worries! I share with you some videos I created, so you can practise at home at the Luna New Year!

Tiger in Sosho, cursive style

Tinger in Gyosho, semi cursive style

Like every new year, I’ve made a new year’s card with a zodiac symbolism.
The tiger palm is designed with Enso movements, Ten/Point and Hane/Jumping techniques.
You see the Hiragana calligraphy TORA とら on the right hand side.

©Rie Takeda

You can also see how it was done in the video below.

Finally – I have also completed the online new workshop + course plans for 2022.

The first workshop for brush-up is on Sunday, 06. February
with the theme ‘Celebration 祝賀 Shukuga’ celebrating the Luna New Year arrival.
We are going to practise two calligraphy styles, in Kaisho and Gyosho. It would be very inspiring and mindful! I love the combination of these two Kanji characters, very dynamic and elegant.

Book your space :

Online-workshops with theme 2022
06. February / 祝賀 Celebration

06. March / 平常心 Ordinary Mind (Zen)

03. April / 侘び寂び Wabi-Sabi

15. May / 森林浴 Forest bathing

05. June* we do haiku calligraphy;

古池や 蛙飛び込む 水の音

The old pond / A frog leaps in / Sound of the water.


Some of you have already signed up for coming spring term.
We are going to restart from the 8th February.
There are still some space left, you can send me a sign up form.
Here is more Info:

This year there will be limited 5 workshops for beginners.
It is online-interactive program. It is now on Saturday afternoon in Europe.
So I hope it works good for everyone all over the globe.
If you are interested, hurry up and book your place.

Saturday, 15.00 -18.00 (GMT/UK time)

12. February 

02. April 

04. June 

24. September 

19. November 

I’ve been working on my new Shodo book since October, trying to represent my mindfulness method and techniques in a different format. It is not easy but I think it is absolutely worth putting effort!
It will be published sometime in September-October, first in English and the other languages! Will keep you informed!
Apart from that, there will be two exhibitions and some very interesting projects and collaborations coming up this year. I am so pleased to plan the exhibitions again and work with other artists and musicians soon – No art no life!

Before I say ‘enjoy the Lunar New Year’, I would like to share the poem by Thich Nhat Hanh who taught me about Mindfulness’ and has just passed away on 22nd January. I did a brush stroke below just after I read this poem.

“Oneness by Thich Nhat Hanh”

The moment I die,

I will try to come back to you

as quickly as possible.

I promise it will not take long.

Isn’t it true

I am already with you,

as I die each moment?

I come back to you

in every moment.

Just look,

Feel my presence.

If you want to cry,

please cry.

And know

That I will cry with you.

The tears you shed

will heal us both.

Your tears are mine.

transcends history.

Spring and Winter are both present in the moment.

The young leaf and the dead leaf are really one.

My feet touch deathlessness,

and my feet are yours.

Walk with me now.

Let us enter the dimension of oneness

And see the cherry tree blossom in Winter.

Why should we talk about death?

I don’t need to die

to be back with you.

In Call Me by My True Names by Thich Nhat Hanh (1993)

©Rie Takeda Oneness

Have a beautiful day!
Enjoy another New Year!


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