♧CHUU-SHIN 中心 middle point / middle line


CHUU-SHIN 中心 in Japanese means : centre, middle point, middle line.
CHUU is – lit. inside, the centre point
SHIN is – Kokoro, heart, soul, mind, feeling, spiritIn Shodo lesson, we use this word a lot. It has deep diverse views of “the middle” .
The middle point can be also described as
a balance point / line and a harmonious point / line in Shodo.Normally after you learn Shodo for a while, it automatically grows in you and your eyes are trained to see where “the middle” is – as long as your teacher reminds you each time!
And you’d better ask the teacher and confirm where it is in every text.CHUUSHIN is indeed an essential element of learning Shodo.
Whenever there is a new text to practise, one should always check the CHUUCHIN
and study the structure of characters and the flow of the text.My tip is to find the middle point of a character first and then a middle line of the whole character.


I intend to use this word in my lesson with the meanings like :

the middle point of your body : navel

the middle line of your posture : imagine your spine is lightly hanging from the sky

being in the middle point  : connection/balance between mind and body, still point

the middle line of your position : on the same line as the calligraphy paper’s middle line

the middle point of paper

the middle line of paper

the middle line of brush (vertical line like spine)

the middle point of brush hair

the middle point & line of space on paper

the middle point of character (balance point)

the middle line of character (balance line)

the middle line of a whole text

in the middle of flow : Qi energy is in action

Happy Practice!
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