How to hold the brush?!

〜 The way of holding the brush   〜

So now you set and position all the necessary tools.
And find the very light and comfortable position for your body and mind.
You can sit on the floor with the SEIZA -legs folding or
with the meditation cushion or -bench.
You can also find a good posture on the chair at the table.

Always be aware of the central point and the line of your body- called HARA, that is where our main Ki-energy flows. And try to imagine that the middle of your head is hanging from the sky, so your back bones are loose and light -comfortably set.

You prepared the SUMI ink and paper.
You prepared yourself through light breathing.
You have no tension at all around the shoulders or neck,
your elbows and hands are light and relaxed.

Are you ready to concentrate, but relaxed?!


Hold the brush really light with mainly three fingers,
the remaining fingers are set free to keep the weight balance.
And the holding point is slightly higher than the 50/50 line of the brush.
The brush always stays straight just like your back posture.
The best angle for the hand to hold the brush is about an angle of 45 degrees.
Also the positioned hand to the wrist and to the elbow stays as one line, no twist or bending.


The three fingers form an oval shaped gap. You always keep this gap between the brush and hand palm by holding the brush very light as if there is an egg in between.

And remember- your shoulder area is loosened.


As you hold the brush, put no pressure from neither hand nor shoulder,- just nicely light.

And imagine that the brush also has a central vertical line in the middle
– so you are actually holding this vertical Hara line of the brush.
This photo shows you the image directly from the above.


Yes, it looks simple.
However it may take some time to learn the proper way of holding the brush because of your habit of writing and using the pens with quite lot of pressure on the shoulders.
We just need to get used to this way of holding.

The tip is :
The brush always stays straight – so does your body line.
………. and let us remind ourselves of loosening the body and relax.


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