About Me

Artist and experienced teacher


Let me introduce myself.

I was born in Hokkaido, Japan, and brought up there.
I started practising Shodo at the age of five under
the creative supervision of my grandmother, a distinguished
“GAYU” calligrapher.Later I began to take lessons at a Gayu calligraphy school.
It laid a solid foundation not only for my development of the various layers of calligraphy technique and skills
but also for the SUMIE technique in calligraphic design.During my student years, I volunteered and assisted calligraphy classes for children in Japan and London.
Since 2000 I work as a freelance artist and a professional calligrapher in Europe and Japan.
Besides creating various media of calligraphy works and Neo-Japonism art,
I give courses and workshops on “SHODO-the art of traditional Japanese calligraphy” in Europe since 2002.
Yes, my passion for learning and teaching SHODO and the interest in developing the effective method of teaching this beautiful form of art has always been expanding.

©RIE  TAKEDA school of shodo

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