紙  – KAMI – Calligraphy Papers


There are mainly two types of calligraphy papers:

Chinese Paper /KARA-KAMI 唐紙
and Japanese Paper /WASHI 和紙

We can find various types of Kara-kami papers and Washi papers.
And the most common and suitable paper for Shodo is called:
Xuan Paper /SENSHI 宣紙

– Chinese Xuan Paper / CHUGOKU ESEN 中国画仙
made in China
the main raw materials are straw, bamboo, mulberry..
and the characteristics are thin and its ink blurring abilities.
Ink absorption is quite high.
Detailed texture
It is also suitable for Sumie – ink painting 

– Japanese(Xuan)Paper / WAGASEN 和画仙
made in Japan, one of the Washi types.

the main raw materials are gum-pi tree, hemp, mulberry, rice straw..
the characteristics are thick and its less ink blurring abilities.
The ink absorption is less high than Chinese Xuan paper.
The essence of ink colour appears directly on paper.
Fine texture.
It is suitable for thin calligraphy, Kana or Etegami* here I note only papers for calligraphy

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